Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!! – Benjamin Hoffman – Addy Najera – Mickey Henehan – Special Secret Surprise Guests!!! 10ish/FREE/Full Vietnamese Kitchen/ $2 Tecate


Boardwalk Empire!! 8pm Leftovers FINAL EPISODE!! 9pm Ray Donovan! 10pm Masters of Sex! 11pm


This is it! It starts today! SAINTS vs dirty birds at NOON!


LSU vs sam houston state, 7:30!


The NFL starts tonight!! Packers vs Seachickens, 7:30. A hell of a kickoff to the season. THIS SUNDAY: SAINTS vs dirty birds! Noon, brah.


Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!! Hey New Orleans- Big BACK TO SCHOOL Edition of our rad little comedy show tonight!!!! Come hang out, enjoy some Cheap Booze & delicious Vietnamese food, then settle in and enjoy the show!! Don’t worry: we’re ALWAYS done by midnight, leaving you plenty of time to grab some ZZZs & copy somebody’s Homework before Homeroom. 10ish/FREE/ featuring- Mickey Henehan, Jon Reaux, Cyrus Cooper & Brittany Hunt!!! See you there!!!!!??


The Super 8 One Reel Sign Up Party is at Lost Love tonight 7-9pm!! Make a movie with one reel of Super 8 film! TV Night Continues! Ray Donovan at 8! Masters of Sex at 9!


LSU vs wisconsin at 7pm!! It’s the game of the week! Get ovah here. Drinks during and after. Open for lunch now!


Karaoke night! 11pm. DJ Gluten hosts. Yes, pick the show tune…you can DO it!


SAINTS vs ravens, final preseason game. Repeat, final preseason game! 7pm tonight! Next up: SAINTS vs falcons game day opener Sunday, Sept. 7 at noon! Giant HD projector screen, wings, great Vietnamese food, the whole nines..