SAINTS vs titans! 7pm. Pho. Banh Mi. Bun. Football.


COMEDY CATASTROPHE TONIGHT!! Big Party this week as we Celebrate FOUR FANTASTIC YEARS of Comedy at Lost Love Lounge!!!! If you’ve ever come out and enjoyed one of our shows, THANK YOU. Nobody had ever tried to have a weekly booked comedy show in New Orleans before, and I wasn’t always sure we could make it work.Thank you for supporting us! To celebrate, we’re gonna Have cheap booze, delicious food & a really fun show featuring: – Duncan Pace -Kenny Deforest -Special Surprise All-star Guests PLUS -Comedy Legend CHIPP GIBSON!!!!


True Blood! 8pm 3 episodes left! Leftovers 9pm! Ray Donovan 10pm!


SAINTS! Tomorrow at 7pm! 1st Preseason game. If you don’t have cable you can’t see it–it’s on NFL Network at 7pm. We have cable.


Hey New Orleans- Join us tonight at Lost Love Lounge for the SEASON 4 FINALE of Comedy Catastrophe!!!! We’ve got Catastrophe favorites Mickey Henehan & Andrew Healan PLUS the return of Matt Gubser ADDITIONALLY probably some SURPRISE GUESTS!!!! Come see what very little of the Fuss is all about at NOLa’s Longest running & BEST (?) (shots fired?) Weekly Booked Comedy Showcase. $2 Tecate all night/ Full Vietnamese Kitchen/10ish/FREE!! Duh.


True Blood new episode at 8! Leftovers at 9! Ray Donovan at 10!


SHARKNADO 2 premiere tonight!! 8pm. SHARKNADO 1 at 6!


Wednesday, July 30th is very special. Why? Because friggin’ SHARKNADO 2 is premiering at 8!! Sharknado 1 at 6!!


Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!! Hey New Orleans- We’re putting together a wonderful FREE Comedy show for you tonight!! All we need is somebody to hear this tree as it falls in the forest. BEAR WITNESS TO COMPETENTLY PRESENTED COMEDY!! We’ve got a HOT ONE this week as we welcome back : – Andrew Polk – Mickey Henehan – Dan Woods – A Welcome “New Orleans Goodbye”* from Ariel Elias!! -”So much More?” you ask & I reply “Probably, but there’s only 1 way to find out!! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!” 10ish/FREE/ $ 2 Cerveza Tecate México/ Vietnamese kitchen. SEE YOU THERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?


True Blood 8pm! Leftovers 9pm! Ray Donovan 10pm!