Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!! Hey New Orleans- We’re putting together a wonderful FREE Comedy show for you tonight!! All we need is somebody to hear this tree as it falls in the forest. BEAR WITNESS TO COMPETENTLY PRESENTED COMEDY!! We’ve got a HOT ONE this week as we welcome back : – Andrew Polk – Mickey Henehan – Dan Woods – A Welcome “New Orleans Goodbye”* from Ariel Elias!! -”So much More?” you ask & I reply “Probably, but there’s only 1 way to find out!! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!” 10ish/FREE/ $ 2 Cerveza Tecate México/ Vietnamese kitchen. SEE YOU THERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?


True Blood 8pm! Leftovers 9pm! Ray Donovan 10pm!


Karaoke is back tonight!! 11pm w/DJ Gluten!


COMEDY CATASTROPHE TONIGHT!! About SUPER STACKED THIS WEEK AS WE Say “GOODBYE, HELLO & Oh, YOU AGAIN?!” to the following lineup of Really funny folks: – Isaac Kozell (Hello- Comedy Catastrophe Debut!!) – Mickey Henehan ( Oh, You Agian?!!- Catastrophe regular) – Ariel Elias (Goodbye- Last Catastrophe before moving out of town) – Vincent Zambon (The one with the Moustache) – Joe Cardosi (Angry guy who’s also somehow always smiling) 10ish/FREE/$2 Tecate/ Full Vietnamese kitchen/ Hosted by Cass


True Blood 8pm! Leftovers 9pm! Ray Donovan 10!


Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!! About We’ve got another fun show “on deck” this week as we welcome: – Mickey Henehan: “The “Say Huh?” Kid” – Molly Ruben-Long: “The Babe” – Moredcai “Three-Finger” Brendan K. O’Grady – Shoeless Luke Oleen-Junk PLUS SPECIAL PINCH-COMICS TO BE ANNOUNCED AFTER THE MANAGER CONFIRMS THE DOUBLE SWITCH WITH THE UMPIRE!!!! Come early and grab a seat, some Vietnamese grub, a couple of $2 Tecate and settle in for an ALL-STAR Comedy Exhibition!!!! You can also enjoy the MLB All-Star Game in the front room but I’m pretty sure I’m the only childless “Grownup” in New Orleans who still watches Baseball! SOUNDS EXPENSIVE, right? Well, Guess what: NEW ORLEANS’ 1st, BEST, & LONGEST RUNNING WEEKLY BOOKED COMEDY SHOW (this one) IS & WILL ALWAYS BE… FREE!!!!!!! 10ish/ Managed by: Cassidy “Catfish” Henehan!!


True Blood followed by Ray Donovan tonight! Ray Donovan kicks ass btw.


World Cup Final!! Argentina vs yada yada. I can finally stop doing these posts! 2pm


Karaoke Night Tonight!! DJ Gluten Emcees. 11pm!


WORLD CUP SEMIFINALS! Argentina vs Netherlands, 3pm!