AMERICAN HORROR STORY FREAKSHOW starts tonight!! 9pm Tonight!


Comedy Catastrophe!! Tonight/10ish- Come for New Orleans’ 1st & longest running weekly Booked Comedy Show. Stay for .. The show. Same thing you came for. Duh. Also- Cheap Booze ($2 Tecate!), Brittany Hunt, Andrew Polk, Vincent Zambon Mickey Henehan SUPER SECRET SURPRISE GUESTS & a LATE NIGHT Spooky Celestial Event! Stick around until the end to try your hand at “CATASTROPHE TRIVIA” & win a FREE DRINK TICKET* (just like the comics get!!! You’ll be like a real comedian!! BLOG ABOUT IT**!!) I Know what you’re thinking… “Sounds Expensive!!” Well, it’s FREE so there goes your only excuse. See you There!!!


SAINTS vs bucs NOON!! Ye of little faith begone!


Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!! New Orleans- Big Show tonight as we welcome CJ Hunt Mickey Henehan & Jon Reaux to the party in the back room. PLUS, as many of you may know, Last Comic Standing is holding local auditions this Thursday. I’d like to do my part to make sure everybody’s prepared SO we’ll have 3-5 spots available for participating comics to “run their sets” before the big showcase (1st come 1st served/a scary clown will chase you offstage at 3:29). As always, $2 Cerveza Tecate México & Delicious Vietnamese food are available for purchase but the show is totally FREE. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY COME HANG OUT TONIGHT!!!


SAINTS vs cowgirls, 7:30!! Wings, other awesome shit! Last episode of Ray Donovan! Boardwalk Empire!


Karaoke Night!! DJ Gluten Emcees! 11pm. Katherine behind the bar! The weather is perfect for hanging out.


Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!! Howdy, Catastrophfiends!! We’ve been on amazing run these last couple of weeks, and plan on keeping it going with one of our most STACKED lineups of the year!!! The one thing I keep hearing from satisfied customers is: ” Wow!! Great show!! I had no idea there was decent Comedy in New Orleans. I thought it was just people with glossy flyers who charge their friends $20 to hear them tell street jokes twice a year!” While that may have once been the case, we’re working hard to spread the word that COMEDY IN NEW ORLEANS is actually pretty legit. Now that you know, there’s no excuse for missing us this week’s show, featuring: – Joe Cardosi – Vince Gulino – Andrew Healan – Mickey Henehan – Duncan Pace As always, our favorite bartender, Jen, will be slinging booze ($2 Tecate) all night while the kitchen serves delicious Vietnamese food until Midnight!!! Get there early (listed showtime) to reserve your seat!!You’d have to be a real dummy to miss this!!* SEE YOU THERE!!! 10ish/FREE!!!! *dummies also welcome


SAINTS vs vikings, NOON! The largest screen in New Orleans!! (I think)


Karaoke Night Tonight!! DJ Gluten Emcees, 11pm! See you there.


Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!! NEW GIMMICK TONIGHT!!! I’m offering 2 bucket spots (one drawn before the show/one at the end) Tonight!!! If you don’t know what a “bucket spot” is, CONGRATULATIONS on not being a comedian!! I’ll be taking names until 10pm so COMICS: GET THERE EARLY to enter the Lottery!!! This should be a fun experiment that may potentially blow up in my face, so AUDIENCE: GET THERE EARLY TO WATCH ME SQUIRM WITH REGRET!!! Between this new gimmick & sets from Mickey Henehan Anthony Scontrino & James “THE UNTAGGABLE BOAT DRIFTER” Patrick, this is like 4 SHOWS IN ONE for the low price of NOTHING!!!!! As always, we’ll have $2 Tecate & a FULL VIETNAMESE MENU available for purchase. HOPE TO SEE (some of) YOU THERE!!!!! 10ish/FREE!!!!