Sunday. 2-8-15: Walking Dead returns! 8pm. Better Call Saul debuts! 9pm. Last Week Tonight and Girls later!


Friday, 2-6-15: Tonight: Huge ass Karaoke!! 11pm! Tomorrow: Lost Love is on the route! Tit Rex passes once, Chewbacchus passes TWICE! Sunday: TV Night is back in full swing with the return of Walking Dead, the debut of Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, the return of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Shameless and Girls. That’s the schniz!


Tuesday, Feb. 3rd: Comedy Catastrophe! Tonight 10ish/FREE: We’re doing it again at Lost Love Lounge as we welcome: Mickey Henehan, Professional Business Stuff Comedy Tour featuring Isaac Kozell, Jason P. Leonard, John Merrifield, AND Sean Patton PLUS probably MORE!?!?!?!?! BE THERE, SQUARES.


Monday, 2-2-15: Pels vs Hawks, 7pm tonight! Go Pels!


This is an image of a properly inflated football. Superbowl, today, 5:30!


Wednesday, 1/28/15: PELICANS vs nuggets tonight at 7! The Pels with the incredible Anthony Davis are on a 4-game win streak, let’s go Pels!


TV Night at Lost Love! Shameless at 8. House of Lies 9. Girls 9:30. Better Call Saul (Breaking Bad spinoff) and Walking Dead start Feb. 8!


Karaoke Night!! Squawk! 11pm w/ Emcee DJ Gluten!


Wednesday, 1-21-15: American Horror Story Freakshow FINAL EPISODE TONIGHT! 9pm!


Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!! Hey y’all: Big Show Tonight!!! Stop by the back room for Cheap Booze, delicious Vietnamese Food & a Great FREE show!!! This week, we welcome: -Mickey Henehan -Anthony Scontrino -Duncan Pace PLUS SUPERSECRETSURPRISEGUESTS!!!!!!!!! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!! 10ish/FREE/Since 2010