Wednesday, 12-17-14: American Horror Story Freakshow Tonight! 9pm. Last episode until the new year!


Monday, 12/15/14: SAINTS vs bears, 7:30 tonight!


Sunday,12/14/14: NFL Football all day! SAINTS tomorrow night! TV NIGHT Tonight: Homeland at 8!


Wednesday, 12/10/14: American Horror Story Freakshow tonight at 9pm! 2 episodes left! Tonight’s episode titled “Tupperware Party Massacre,” you decide..


Welcome back, friends! The holiday season has been kind to us so far with some of our coolest shows in recent memory, & we’re not slowing down as we charge forward into our 6th calendar year! Come join us as we proudly welcome: – Lane Lonion – Mickey Henehan – Molly Austin – Duncan Pace PLUS -SUPER SECRET SURPRISE GUESTS!!!!!! We’ll be getting started a little after 10 so show up early to reserve your seat, grab some grub from our Vietnamese kitchen & some affordable booze ($2 Tecate) then settle in for a really fun show!! SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!?!!!!!! 10ish/FREE/Est. 2010


12-5-14: Karaoke Night! Gimme a C, a bouncy C! 11pm.


American Horror Story Freakshow, 9pm. Only 3 episodes left!


12/2/14: COMEDY CATASTROPHE TONIGHT! Hey New Orleans- I made a Very Special Comedy Show JUST FOR YOU!! Now that our little comedy scene seems more medium-sized than ever, it’s easy to forget that, just a few years ago, there wasn’t a single weekly booked comedy show, nor any tangible demand/reasonable supply of comics to necessitate one. As some of you may know, Catastrophe’s original producer Jonah Bascle died today after his lifelong fight with muscular dystrophy. Since I took over 4+ years ago, Catastrophe has been at the forefront of our rapidly growing DIY (by necessity) scene. I’m very proud of what’s happened on my watch, but I can’t honestly say that I would’ve thought “That back room with a food counter, men’s room & loud kitchen would be a good place for a weekly comedy show” if Jonah & Geoffrey Douville hadn’t already given it a shot. Near-Delusional levels of unflinching Optimism were needed to imagine that space as a good comedy room. That’s exactly what jonah brought to the table, and I’m very thankful for that. Let’s Celebrate & Continue that legacy Tonight as we welcome: Andrew Healan Mickey Henehan Laura Danger Meagher Jason P Leonard Andrew Polk PLUS SUPER SECRET SURPRISE GUESTS (NO SHIT!)!! Get there early to grab a seat, some reasonably priced booze ($2 Cerveza Tecate México) & Delicious Vietnamese food from our Loud Kitchen!!! SEE YOU TONIGHT IT”S GONNA BE FUN!!!!!!


SAINTS vs steelers, noon! Walking Dead mid-season finale at 8! Homeland at 10.


KARAOKE NIGHT tonight! 11pm. Sing off the calories!