SAINTS are on Monday Night this week, today we have PATRIOTS/LIONS and BROWNS/dirty birds at noon! DOLPHINS/BRONCOS at 3:30! WALKING DEAD at 8! 2 eps left! HOMELAND at 10!


It’s Karaoke night at Lost Love! This photo has nothing to do with it, but still, it’s Karaoke night..11pm


11-19-14: American Horror Story at 9!


Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!! About Hey Folks- As you Should know, last week was another wonderful edition of HELL YES FEST, & it was a total blast in every way. My only regret was that in order to see all the comedy i wanted to, I ended up MISSING OUT on a bunch more. So let’s all collectively rectify that tonight as we welcome: – Julie Bootleg Poptart Mitchell – Mickey Henehan – Vincent Zambon -Maybe somebody i booked in the freezing rain at 3am saturday but never actually saved into my Phone – Super Secret Surprise (possibly even to me) Guests!!!! Come warm up with some Pho & hot booze drinks (or chill out w/ $2 @tecate), grab a seat and ENJOY YOURSELF!!! 10ish/FREE/Hosted by Cassidy Henehan


11-16-14: Walking Dead tonight! 8pm. Only 3 episodes left in this half season! Last week’s ep at 7, Homeland at 10!


SAINTS vs bengals, Noon! Wings! Banh Mi! Pho! 8′ state-of-the art LED projector & more! The home of the SAINTS!


11-15-14: Mississippi State vs Allerbamee, 2:30pm!


American Horror Story Freakshow, 9pm!! What happened to the twins?!!


11-11-14: Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!! Hey New Orleans- Big Time fun tonight at Lost Love Lounge!!! We welcome back 3 of our favorite Louisiana Boys from the “other” Coasts as Zach Broussard Neal Stastny & Zach Sims entertain and delight!! Plus drop-ins from other hilarious visitors in town for Hell Yes Fest, $2 Cerveza Tecate México & our full Vietnamese kitchen!! This week is gonna be a tubro blast of comedy in our city & YOU owe it to yourself to be a part of it!! 10ish/FREE/est. 2010. SEE YOU LOVELY FOLKS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!


11-9-14: Walking Dead at 8!! Homeland, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver follow!