6-26-15: Lots going on: USA vs China World Cup (women’s) at 6! Karaoke night at 11! A buncha new beers–see pic! Go get married, get some health care, beat on a statue!




6-23-15:  Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!  - Andrew Healan - CJ Hunt - Mickey Henehan - Isaac Kozell PLUS-Super Special Secret Surprises!!!!!!10ish/FREE/Est. 2010


6-16-15:  - Lauren LaBorde - Peter Honan* - Duncan Pace - Alex Jennings - Mickey Henehan PLUS - Super Special Secret Surprise Guests!10ish/FREE/est. 2010- PHO, BANH-MI & MORE from the Vietnamese Kitchen!- $2 Cerveza Tecate México ALL NIGHT!SEE YOU THERE???*-CATASTROPHE DEBUT!!!!!!****- Not actually that big of a deal


6-9-15:  Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!!  This tuesday we welcome back Original Catastroteer Scotland Green & send him back North in style with ANOTHER free comedy show!! Come say “hi” & “bye” to Mister “HEY BABY” Himself & enjoy affordable booze, Vietnamese Grub & fun times w/comedy jokes from Mickey Henehan, Addy Najera Lane Lonion Cassidy Henehan & MORE?!?!?!? 10ish/FREE! SEE YOU THERE??!?!!!?!?!


6-5-15: Big time Karaoke right now at Lost Love!


6-2-15:  Comedy Catastrophe Tonight!!  Big Fun Featuring Benjamin Hoffman Mickey Henehan Ted Orphan Joe Cardosi & OTHER SURPRISE GUESTS!!! 10ish/FREE


5-30-15: Double header night at Lost Love Lounge.In the front bar NHL finals between Chicago and Anaheim, game 7, at 7.The back room features the “Queer Love Tour” starring Keisha Slaughter, Laila Nur, and Ashley Phiiips at 9. See you there…….


5-29-15:  Karaoke Night Tonight!  11!


Special Memorial Day screening of Paul Grass’ ‘A Night At Amethysts’ at Lost Love! 2pm & 3pm. See ya there.


5-22-15: Karaoke Night Tonite!! 11! MC/DJ Gluten hosts!